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Jiangsu Hongyang Quartz Products Co. , Ltd. was founded in December 2004, the registered capital of RMB¥:196376349.00, the existing staff of more than 700 people, is a quartz materials research and development, production and sales of science and technology-oriented enterprises.Our company mainly deals in high-purity quartz sand, light source quartz material, photovoltaic semiconductor quartz parent material and devices, laser materials, etc. , it has formed a complete industrial chain, which integrates the purification of quartz sand in the upstream, the drawing of quartz tube/rod/plate for middle-stream light source photovoltaic, and the deep processing of downstream quartz devices,Product quality is at the leading level in the industry.

Our company is a national specialized new small giant enterprises, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises, National high-tech Enterprises, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce small and medium-sized enterprises (Top 200) , provincial technology-based enterprises, Provincial Innovation Capacity Demonstration Enterprises, provincial private technology enterprises, provincial quality and Integrity Level 5A brand enterprises, Provincial Integration Management System Pilot Enterprises, Provincial Samsung Cloud Enterprises, municipal top 30 independent industrial brands. He has won the Chinese “2021 Science and technology venture contribution award” and “National Commercial Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise”.

Our Company has “Three centers and one station” innovation platform: Jiangsu Provincial Engineering and technology research center for rare earth doped functional glass materials (2012 provincial science and Technology Department) , Provincial Enterprise Graduate Work Station (2013 provincial Education Department) , Jiangsu Engineering and technology research center for rare earth doped functional glass materials (2019 Provincial Development and Reform Commission) and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center (2021 Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology) . In the field of quartz glass manufacturing, a total of 52 patents have been effectively granted, including 34 invention patents; China's Good Technology 5. Relying on the provincial innovation platform, our company is leading in manufacturing technology of rare earth doped glass materials. It is the largest and most complete rare earth doped functional quartz glass material manufacturer in the domestic quartz industry.

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